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by Knock Hockey Game Guy on November 9, 2009

Knock Hockey Rules (from an earlier post)

We played knock hockey daily during our childhood days at the summer recreation program run by the Suffolk County Parks & Recreation department. The school were we played at was Timberpoint Elementary School in East Islip, NY.

Below is my recollection of our rules. (I’m sure that we introduced many “house rules” over the years.

Our boards used the red & blue lines. The red line was simply the center of the board. The blue line separated the neutral zone from the two player “home” zones.

We also had the triangular shaped “red zone” between the block and the goal.

A. To Start: We used the three strike face-off method, hitting the playing surface first and then the stick of our opponent. The player who hit the puck beyond his opponent’s blue line then got to take a free shot.

Three routine outcomes were possible:

1.  The shot resulted in a goal.

2. The puck did not go into the goal, and, did not enter the triangular red zone. The play would go to the next player, who would play it from where it landed.

3. The shot landed in the triangular red zone. If this happened the defender got to move the puck to any location behind his own blue line. This rule allowed for many creative “planned” shots. (see – red zone shots)

B. Routine Play: Play would alternate according to these rules. If your first shot landed beyond your opponent’s blue line, you got to take one more shot. After a goal was made, a new “face-off” was played, just as at the start of the game.

C. Goals: In our game we played that if the puck crossed the goal line at all, it as a goal. This was tested by running the stick along the “outside” wall behind the goal. If the puck was touched by the stick, it was a goal.

D. Red Zone Shots: If the puck landed in the “red zone” the triangular zone in front of the each goal, the defender got to move the puck to anywhere behind his blue line.

In each case, if the initial shot resulted in the puck landing behind the opponents’ blue line, then you got to take one more shot.

The “normal” red zone shots were:

  1. The “thumb” shot from the side of your own block. In this shot, the puck was placed tight against your own block. You then gripped the block with your fingers while squeezing the puck against the block and causing it to fly out toward the side wall, in an attempt to ricochet into your opponents’ goal, (or at least his blue zone for the second shot.)
  1. The line shot was taken by placing the puck just behind your own blue line and shooting on your opponent’s goal, directly of by bouncing off the side wall.
  1. Shots could be taken from any other spot behind your blue line.

E. Special Shots: These had to be agreed upon “prior” to the start of play.

1. Thumsies – The puck was “flicked” with the thumb, placed on top of the puck, instead of being “struck” by the stick. No “dragging’ of the puck was allowed. (This of course was always a judgement call.)

2. Special Red Zone Shots – My recollection is that these shots were worth more points if you scored on the initial shot. Just what the amounts were I do not recall.

  1. Top of the block shot.
  1. Off the top of the side wall. The puck was placed “on” the wall, usually just behind the blue line.
  1. Rolling off the stick. One end of the hockey stick was placed on the back wall in the corner, up against the side wall, on the shooter’s side. Usually the handle was placed on the back wall and the blade was resting on the playing surface.

The puck was then rolled from the end of the handle, resting on the back wall, down the length of the stick. If the puck landed behind your opponent’s blue line, you took another shot.

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