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Welcome to Knock Hockey Dot Com. Have you ever played knock hockey? Well this site is set up so you can purchase plans for your own knock hockey wooden game board. It’s a great game and kids as well as adults love it. There are rules you can download right from the site and you can purchase the plans for a really nice high end wood board game by going to the Order Plans page in the navigation bar. These PLANS are tried and true. Hours of refining the measurements, methodology and techniques of building a quality HEIRLOOM Knock Hockey Wooden Game Board have gone into DEVELOPING these plans. Worth the cost at any price and at $14.95 they are a bargain you can’t create in a couple hours in your own shop.

I am NO LONGER offering replacement wooden sticks and pucks.

If you don’t wish to make your own game out of our plans, then you may purchase similar games from the left side panel including a variety of wooden games and the original nok hockey game by Carrom.

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